Mosel Throphy 2023

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Event info

With the Mosel Trophy we would like to continue the idea of the previous Mosel Open to organize a top-class competition in our region.

We know that we are following in big footsteps, but we are not too shy to start this venture.

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Flying site

We will use the flying sites of our local paragling club “Die Moselfalken”.You will find a list of all sites at

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total registered


Entry fee

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max allowed



✅ All certified wings allowed

left before start of event

Registration will open on

24/12 20:00 (Europe/Amsterdam)



The region supports helicopter rescues

Helicopter rescue


There will be medical rescue services at launch

Medic on takeoff


The region generally has good phone coverage

Good phone coverage


We will be monitoring radios for your safety whilst you fly

Radio coverage


Live Tracking is MANDATORY in this event to score. You must provide your own livetracker.

Live trackers mandatory



There will be vehicles supplied to take you to launch

Launch Transport


There will be retrieve vehicles available to return pilots to HQ

Retrieve included


The organisers will download the tracklogs at HQ for scoring

Tracklogs managed


The organisers are using Airtribune for registration, tracking, blogging and to publish scores

Airtribune blogging



There will be daily lunch packs for pilots

Lunch packs


There will usually be goal beers for winners

Goal beers


There will be an organised party during or after the event




The organisers support reducing the use of unnecessary plastic at the event. This includes NOT giving disposable water bottles

Plastic reduction

Prize funds and scoring categories

Sport Class

Serial Class



Overall Female


Flying site

We will use the flying sites of our local paragling club “Die Moselfalken”.You will find a list of all sites at

Selection and entry fee

Entry fee is 200€ – payable after you receive an email that you are selected to reserve your place.The entry fee includes all transport to/ from takeoff and landing area and retrieve service from official roads, also a lunch packet and a big buffet on saturday.

Selection* 20 places are reserved for the state championship RLP/SAR (Determined via Season 2022)** Includes 5 places for female pilots* 10 wildcards for the organizer* Any other place will be awared via WPRS (Jan 2022)** Includes 8 places for female pilots

The entry fee will not be payed before you are selected.Deadline for Selection will be 31st of January 2023.

All qualified Pilots have time to pay their entry fee within 2 weeks.After the 2 weeks payment period, free places (caused by non payed entry fees) are handed to the Pilots on waiting list. There is no ranking for pilots on the waiting list.

RulesDHV-Wettbewerbsordnung 2023 – FAI Section 7

Documents required at registration

Issued by your local NAC on behalf of the FAI. You cannot normally compete in an FAI event without one. Contact your National Association (NAC)

FAI Sporting Licence

The organiser requires you to present your National flying licence.

National Licence

You will need to sign an applicaton form at the venue. Usually the organiser will provide it on arrival.

Signed Application form

You will need to sign a waiver or release document to show you understand the risks. Usually the organiser will provide it on arrival.

Signed Waiver/Release form

You will need to provide photo ID on arrival. This could be Passport, Driving Licence or National ID, for example.

Identification documents needed

You must provide the organiser with a copy of your liability (3rd party) insurance documents

Liability Insurance

You must provide the organiser with a copy of your medical, rescue and repatriation insurance. You can purchase Global Rescue cover from Airtribune

Rescue/Medical Insurance

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is possible* till April 1st with 100% refund

In case of competition cancelation 40€ of the payment can not be returned.

Prize fund and scoring categories

– Overall Mosel Trophy- Female Mosel Trophy- State Championship RLP/SAR Overall- State Championship RLP/SAR Female (if at least 5 participants)- Serial Class (EN-D and lower)- Sports Class (EN-C and lower; if at least 5 participants)

General schedule

🏕️ If you want to use the camp ground before Wednesday please contact: +49 (0) 6534 93243E-Mail:

Wednesday, Mai 17, 2023🏗️ 08:30 – Orga is present and comp camping open🧐 Training Day 📝 18:00 – 20:00 Start Registration

Thursday, Mai 18, 2023📝 07:30 – 08:30 Late Registration1️⃣st Task

Friday, Mai 19, 20232️⃣nd Task

Saturday, Mai 20, 20233️⃣th Task🥳 20:00 – Pilot Party

Sunday, Mai 21, 20234️⃣th Task🏆 17:30 – Open raffle & Prize-giving

Daily schedule

08:00 – 09:00 – Breakfast offer 🍞09:00 – 09:30 – Daily briefing 👨‍🏫10:00 – 11:00 – Transfer 🚐11:00 – ??? – Let’s race 🤙17:00 – ??? – Enjoy some drinks at the HQ Pub 🍻

Accommodation and Activities

The HQ is located in Veldenz.

Directly next to the HQ we have places for mobile homes and possiblities where you can pop up your tents.

The Mosel Trophy Team will be there for you from Wednesday morning. If you would like to arrive earlier, please contact the municipality directly:(

For those who like it a bit more comfortable, there are several campsites and hotels nearby.

Please update your profiles accordingly.

How to get here

Veldenz is about 40km north east of Trier, next smaller well known town is Wittlich. Next airport is Frankfurt or Luxembourg.Railway line direction Trier or Koblenz, stop at Wittlich.

Deutschherrenstraße 2, 54492 Zeltingen-Rachtig, Deutschland Veldenz Germany


Waypoint files


Andrew Mogg
Kai Wissel
Budack Lars



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