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Your safety has been our mission, already for over 20 years! This year, EASA celebrates its 20th year of operations and proudly looks back at a long list of successes in building the European aviation system we have today.

We have been pioneering ahead of our game by proposing clear and proportionate rules, standards, and guidance for all aviation domains in a timely manner. The Agency continues to certify new types of aircraft, parts, and equipment, and to oversee countless approved aviation organisations and flight simulator training devices.

Always keeping up with the times, EASA is constantly innovating through specialist research on emerging technologies and themes, for example regarding the digitalisation of aviation, Innovative Air Mobility, greater connectivity, High-Altitude Operations, Artificial Intelligence, electric and hydrogen propulsion, and means to reduce our sector’s carbon footprint. To prepare aviation for the future, EASA works closely together with other leading authorities, institutions, academia, industry, and other stakeholders — on a global level.

But while doing all this, it is sometimes good to look back, reflect on past experiences and growth, and celebrate the achievements of which we can be proud. In just a few chosen milestones, here is our 20-year story that we think is worth sharing. Onwards and upwards!

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