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One of our favorite activities on the ground is keeping an eye on flight-tracking apps to see who is flying in the airspace above and where they’re going. FlightRadar24 is one of the top apps for this, thanks to its intuitive interface on iPhone and iPad.

In addition to standard 2D flight tracking on a map, it includes 3D visualizations of each target in flight, along with a feature-rich Apple Watch app.

FlightRadar24 is also one of the few companies that operates its own ADS-B receiver network, allowing it to supplement the FAA data feed with real-time data from its network of over 20,000 ground stations worldwide.

The latest update improves the realism of the 3D tracking view by adding over 498 ultra-realistic aircraft models and liveries created by the popular flight simulator company Infinite Flight (we’d highly recommend checking out the free Infinite Flight app on your iPad, too).

After selecting an airplane from the map in FlightRadar24 to track, press the “3D view” button at the lower left of the screen to enter this mode. You can interact with the touchscreen to change the perspective and zoom level:

The app allows you to access three “free” 3D tracking sessions, after which you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription or view an advertisement to unlock more 3D sessions. The models are very detailed, which is no surprise given Infinite Flight’s attention to aircraft detail in their flight sim app. Here’s an up-close rendering from Infinite Flight during the development of an Airbus A220:

Download the apps here:


Infinite Flight Simulator

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