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Funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme

EASA awarded contracts for five new research projects, funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. The contracts were concluded following calls for tender launched in 2022 and EASA, as contract manager, will work side by side with the appointed project leaders.

The projects cover the following research topics:

New treatments and diagnostic measures for cardiovascular diseases (CaVD), to study the impact of the use of new equipment and treatments in inflight conditions. The study will lead to recommendations for updating the cardiovascular requirements in line with the latest medical developments.
Diabetes mellitus (DM), to assess the possibility of the safe use of new diagnostic measures and treatments in the aviation environment to alleviate fitness requirements for pilots/air traffic controllers with Diabetes mellitus.
MODEL-SI (Digital Transformation – Case Studies for Aviation Safety Standards – Modelling and Simulation), to explore combinations of methodologies to deliver practical, reliable flight load envelopes and load distributions, for eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) in support of airworthiness certification activities.
VIRTUA (Digital Transformation – Case Studies for Aviation Safety Standards – Virtualisation), to study potential benefits and constraints of the implementation of blockchain technologies, considering the different stakeholders involved in the management of aircraft parts and components.
DATAPP (Digital Transformation – Case Studies for Aviation Safety Standards – Data Science Applications), to develop case studies in the scope of: (1) the use of flight training data to support the application of evidence-based/competency-based training concepts and standards; (2) the application of new analytical methods and techniques for fuel management (pre-flight/ in-flight); (3) the development of data models for enhancing the use of flight data for safety.

The projects fall under the six research actions that address EASA’s and European Member States’ research needs and requirements related to civil aviation:

Lessons-learned from recent accidents / incidents in air transport
Safety standards for the introduction of key concepts and technologies
Solutions for runway safety
Standards supporting the digital transformation of aviation
Development of new aviation health safety standards
Impact of security measures on safety

More information on EASA’s research activities can be found on EASA’s website ‘Research & Innovation‘.

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